Historical Background

Historical Background

The Sage Kings

The earliest histories of man describe the rule of the Sage Kings, powerful beings who had reached the highest pinnacle of arcane, mental and alchemical power. Their domains encompassed the known world and their great a terrible works dominated the landscape. The vast armies at their command warred over territory, treasure and pride; their scholars and craftsman toiled on monuments and incomprehensible machines and rituals.

Then a day dawned without them. Overnight the Sage Kings vanished, leaving chaos in their wake. Magically maintained lands and monuments collapsed and sank into the sea, experiments and formerly-caged demons were unleashed on the world. Leaderless peoples warred over the remains.

The Rise of Nations

From the ashes rose several strong nations. Some rejected the Sage Kings and all of their works, turning to the Gods or Primordial powers for succor. Some chose to claim the mantle of the Sage Kings as their own, pretenders to that inheritance.

One small nation, the Principalities of Verence (name TBD), arose on an isolated island of the Middle Sea, protected from the chaos of the mainland. Founded by a colony of craftsmen of one of the Sage Kings, it is ruled by the Guilds and Merchant Princes and maintains it’s place in the world through trade, arcane scholarship and a superior navy.

The Campaign Begins

The leaders of the Principalities are determined to keep themselves free from the dominance of their larger neighbors. To maintain their superiority, an aggressive campaign of exploration has begun; to open up new lands, create new avenues of trade and reclaim the knowledge of the distant past. Prince Marco d’Oro has commissioned the construction of a fine ship, the Dawn Trader, and seeks adventurers for his latest, most ambitious expedition: to map the entire world.

Historical Background

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