Organizations and Factions

Add information here to document any organizations and factions as needed to fill out the background of your characters. Place the entries under the section for the appropriate nation.

Principalities of Verence

The home nation of the players.

The Admiralty

The Navy, the primary military power in the Principalities.

The Cartographers Guild

One of the most influential guilds. Their maps are never sold, but they hire out Navigators to any with the gold to pay (including other nations). It is generally assumed (correctly) that they are also the espionage arm of the Principalities government.

The Guild of Artificers

The most organized of the crafting guilds, includes arcane and mundane manufacture of all kinds.


A theocracy that arose from the domain of a Sage King Necromancer, Thrane is a nation devoted to purging the taint of evil from within and without its borders. Though, not everyone shares the ruling class’s definition of “evil.”

Your Nation Here

Add a nation to the mix. You may never go there, but the nations reach always exceeds their borders, and their influence may be felt even across the sea.


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