Voyages of the Dawn Trader

Battle for the Iron Box and the Defeat of the Wolfman

Katalin's version of the story

A bard would tell it better, but this is how Katalin remembers it.

Following our demoralizing defeat and the loss of our ships, the Iron Will and the Gallant Lady, at the docks of Agrigolo, we retreated with Parigi, the former pirate captain, and those of the Friends of the Sea who were still alive. Our attackers, their goal seemingly achieved by sinking every seafaring vessel in sight, did not pursue us. Weary, bloodied, and stranded, as we neared the dank refuge, for the first time, we heard the unwelcome, tinkling sounds of the music boxes. The world subtly shifted, and Will, Sonliin, and I found ourselves alone in what could only be the Shadowfell.

An agent of the “Master” was ahead at a campsite. He told us what he would of the requirements of the payment of our first “favor.” We quietly cursed Pierro de la Luna’s daughter whose arcane dabblings and juvenile ignorance left us with no choice but to trade nine favors to the Master in exchange for her life. However, even more quietly, we rejoiced. As dark, stinky, deadly, and unimaginably horrible as the Shadowfell is—as dangerous as our task would be—as much as it grated at our pride to be no more than puppets doing the Master’s will—being there and doing this was a welcome alternative compared to spending even one night with the irritating and idiotic Friends of the Sea.

Having given us directions to the shore where we would acquire an iron box for the Master and a ship for ourselves, the servant left and we rested for the night, taking turns at watch.

When the gloom became a little less gloomy, it was morning and time to follow the road to the shore. Knowing where we could have woken instead, we were still a bit giddier than any sane person in the Shadowfell should have reason to be. We managed to keep ourselves hidden when we reached the shore, though. We peered down on their campsite on the rocky beach from a ridge 20 feet up. The only two ways down or up were to use the road that was cut into the cliff or to scale the cliff itself. Four zombies were on a shambling patrol, while four lackeys and the lycanthrope that appeared to be their leader kept their distance around a camp fire.

Even though the zombies were keeping watch, they must not have suspected an ambush, or they would never have set up camp within dagger-throwing distance of the cliff. Will and Sonliin hid in the shadows several feet back from where the road opened onto the beach. I threw one dagger and then another at the lycanthrope. He looked gravely wounded so I quickly threw a third, hoping to leave them without a leader from the beginning of the fight. All three daggers hit true and deadly, but it was not quite enough to finish him. The lackeys were beginning to respond, so rather than risk another, I ducked out of sight, and crawled and then ran to help Will and Sonliin at the road.

When I got there, the zombies they had just killed rose up again and I could see the lychanthrope had made it to the road to direct the defense. He was not attacking, but he must have pulled out my daggers and his wounds were closing and healing before my eyes. Things were looking grim. While Will and Sonliin continued attacking the zombies and lackeys, I unrelentingly continued throwing daggers at the lycanthrope to try to keep him out of the fight and finish him off before he could finish healing. Even though my daggers could not do as much damage as at the beginning because now he was expecting my onslaught and neither Will nor Sonliin were available to distract him, I succeeded in keeping him bloody until finally I rushed him with my rapier and finished him. I also sneaked in a little jab at the lackey who was supposed to be protecting him. Will and Sonliin had finished off three of the zombies (two of them twice) and one lackey. Sonliin advanced to square off with a zombie and a lackey while Will went toe-to-toe with the lackey I had just wounded. I decided to leave him to Will and shifted over to help Sonliin with her two. She handily downed both of them with some swordmage trick—thanks be that she’s on our side—and required none of my help. So I charged the lackey that I had left with Will with the most beautiful and perfect backstab that I will ever hope to perform. His death was so swift and thorough, I think he’s still wondering how he ended up in the afterlife.

Then we saw the fourth lackey stumbling along the road. Apparently he was quite skilled at climbing and had decided to go straight up the cliff to pursue whatever was throwing daggers at his boss. By the time he got up there, I was already down and in the fray. Rather than using the road to come down safely, he decided to jump down 20 feet whereupon he turned his ankle and knocked himself prone. The worst of it over, we weren’t really into the fight anymore, so our apologies to him that we didn’t get him to the afterlife more quickly.



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